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We are very proud of our students and their achievements. Thanks to your donations, these children are part of the Shakti Project. Read their profiles

Our Supporters


Ramsingh- Founder and Director of the Shakti project
Peter and Yvonne of Holland.
Anthony Campbell - Currently volunteering teaching and administration/frundraising assistance to the project.
Pixel Tree Design and Photography, Australia - Volunteer - graphic design and website services.
Graphite Banana Multimedia Design, Australia - Volunteer - website design and management services 2011.


June, 2008- Kae H of NSW, Australia has paid a regular sum that helped cover the monthly rice bill- thank you.
Ramsingh- the co-ordinator left home and family in Delhi to work with the project, for the last two years due to financial difficulties without a stipend for his efforts.
Surendra Muram- local resident of Pushkar and Law Student at Ajmer University, Surendra spends as much time as he can helping at the project and keeps an eye on emails.
Mukesh- one of the original children in the tourist's hotel room, now a young man, works as a performer at weddings and fairs. Mukesh is a passionate supporter of the Project and knows first hand it can make a difference. He donates at lot of time to help out with day to day running of the project.
Monica Davidson of Freelance Success is supplying a training package for the older youth, introducing them to small business basics, helping prepare them for life after school.
Parveen Nayak and Fiona Wright. Parveen has known Ramsingh for many years and helps with donations and spreading the word about Shakti, Parveen and Fiona support this website and are currently relocating to Pushkar to lend a hand.
Marina of France has been a valued supporter- sending 2 boys to private school, purchasing TB medication for a child and mountains of stationary for the project.
Jenni Crane and the 6th Class of a Newcastle NSW, Australia school have sent mountains of stationary.
Diana Henderson of NSW Australia,and the local ladies have knitted beanies, made skirts and run raffles to raise funds. May, 2008 another generous donation - thanks.
Zac Norman, UK was a passing tourist changed his plans and stayed a month lending enormous help to the Project as well as playing endless games of cricket.
Arantxa from Switzerland, generously gave a donation and stayed to help.
Willeam helped with the children.
Participants of Creative Arts Safaris' Rajasthan Tours have been generous with donations, brought along lots of second hand kids clothes, stationary and spent time with the children, quizzing them on their school work, chatting and playing games.
Yannic of France has made video of some performances and helped some of the children's family with housing.
Sharron Henderson and the group Ixcel have held a dance party in Sydney- raising a very generous donation for the project [It covered rent for 2007], and again June, 2008 - we are getting there with school fees!
Peter and Yvonne of Holland.
Anil and Manda of UK.
Tessa and Larissa of Australia.

and many other people....Thank You! and nameskar